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Navajo Small Business Connects Families to Renewable Energy

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Navajo Small Business Connects Families to Renewable Energy


June 7, 2018

Photo 1: May 31, Big Navajo Energy LLC installs solar generator for Mejia Family. PHOTO, L-R: Honorable Walter Phelps, Navajo Nation Council; Milton Tso, Cameron Chapter President; Yolinda and Jesus Mejia and Family; Dory Peters, Big Navajo Energy CEO; Melissa Kelly, NTEC Community Affair Coordinator; and Erny Zah, NTEC Communications Director.

Navajo Small Business Connects Families to Renewable Energy

CAMERON, Ariz. – Navajo business owner Dory Peters is eager to bring clean energy solutions to the Navajo Nation. Last week his company, Big Navajo Energy installed solar-wind generators for a Navajo family in Cameron Chapter who had lived without mainline utility electricity in their home for several years. The effort was made possible through grant partnerships with Cameron Chapter, Navajo-Hopi Land Commission, Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC) and Big Navajo Energy.

Yolinda and Jesus Mejia were selected as grant beneficiaries of a new solar generator that will save the Mejia family approximately $2,500 a year in gasoline and maintenance costs for their old gas-powered generator. Their gas generator was located about 50-feet away from their home, attached was a long extension cord from the generator to their home.

The Mejia family was grateful and appreciative for the efforts of those who made it possible. “My children are enjoying not having to smell and hear their loud gas generator and enjoy not having to start or turn off the generator each day,” explained Yolinda.

The solar and wind energy systems installed by Peters and his company can produce enough clean energy to power small to large homes and commercial facilities. He is working to increase quality of life and independence for Navajo residences, specifically the elderly. He recently worked with the Office of the Speaker to install systems for families in the Former Bennett Freeze area near Tuba City.

Photo 2: Jesus and Yolinda Mejia stand in front of Dory Peters, gathered around the new solar generator installed by Big Navajo Energy, LLC.

“We are honored to work with Cameron Chapter and we are very thankful to NTEC and Navajo/Hopi Land Commission for providing matching funds to complete this project,” Peters said. “There are many more families living without basic amenities such as lights, internet and refrigerators. There’s a lot we can do for a fraction of the cost of traditional utility scale methods.”

According to Peters, individual Navajo families living within a half mile from the nearest powerline can expect to pay upwards of $60,000 per mile for a traditional transmission line hook up to the main grid. BNE’s renewable energy technology is intended to not rely on the main grid and has been widely used in third-world countries such as those in North Africa to meet the electricity needs of rural communities.

Peters launched Big Navajo Energy, LLC for the specific purpose to enable Indian Country to become energy independent. He continues to seek opportunities and funding to serve additional families who currently do not access to electricity in all parts of the Navajo Nation and beyond.

“Advances in clean renewable energy technology made over the past decade empower us to not rely on expensive electrical infrastructure,” explained Peters. “We can ensure our people have access to reliable and affordable electricity with our products.”

Big Navajo Energy The company is a 100% Navajo owned priority one business certified by the Navajo Nation Business Regulatory Department. For more information about services and products, contact Dory Peters at (928) 235-1997 or