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Navajo Small Business Connects Families to Renewable Energy

  • By Big Navajo Energy
  • on Jul 10, 2018
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 7, 2018 Photo 1: May 31, Big Navajo Energy LLC installs solar generator for Mejia Family. PHOTO,.
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Who We Are

Big Navajo Energy was designed from the ground up to deliver the best possible prime power alternative renewable fuel power generation systems to Indian Country.

Our power generation line focused on alternative fuels, like natural gas, is revolutionizing prime power and back-up power generation where alternative fuels can be utilized for economic advantage to our nation.

Whether needs are local or remote, our systems scale from 100kW to 50MW+ “Energy Farms”. BNE sytems are grid tie-able for stand alone prime power to serve “micro-grids” and can be configured for larger PPA supply.

Advantages of Big Navajo Energy

Big Navajo Energy (BNE) is a Utah based renewable energy company. BNE is a certified priority one and 100 % Navajo owned business by the Navajo Nation Business Regulatory Department office located in St. Michaels, AZ.
We are committed to delivering energy independence to Navajo and all Indian Country.

Power Generation

Big Navajo Energy, LLC was established for one specific purpose: to enable Indian Country to become energy independent. The model of delivering utility power by expensive and time burdensome transmission lines is outdated. BNE offers free standing and micro-grid power delivery systems powered by available and cheap natural gas. Each installation is not only cost effective and field serviceable, but is also remotely monitor-able to enable predictive maintenance scheduling. Say goodbye to unscheduled downtime.



Power Purchase Agreement

With the establishment of a BNE “Power Farm” (10MW to 100MW+) your economic opportunities can stabilize and expand beyond the provision of your nations needs. As your needs grow, you can expand your Power Farm. In fact, the scalable nature of BNE Power Farms can allow of expansion and the sale of the excess power to cities and the government with Power Purchase Agreements. Power Farms deliver engineered redundancy and security of base load electricity.





Service and Support

Big Navajo Energy knows the two help you deliver on an energy independence directive, trained and competent technicians are mandatory. BNE can help you deliver on your goal of energy independence with its factory trained and certified employees and contractors. BNE works to provide training and certification of local qualified registered tribal members increasing employment and increased self sufficiency.

Our Quality Products

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