09 Jul 2012
July 9, 2012

Big Navajo Energy Launches

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Navajo Big Energy launches
By: NP Staff | The Navajo Post

Big Navajo Energy Co-Sponsored RES 2012 Vegas Booth

Navajo Owned Renewable Energy Business Launches on the Navajo Nation

WINDOW ROCK – Big Navajo Energy, a Utah based renewable energy company announces it is a Navajo owned company focused on the development and deployment of efficient power generation technology. BNE is a certified priority one and 100% Navajo owned business by the Navajo Nation Business Regulatory Department office located in St. Michaels, AZ.

In a phone interview, Owner and Founder Dory Peters said he hopes to bring his product to Navajo homes throughout the Navajo Nation. BNE, through its close relationship with Millennial Research Corporation (MRC), offers EPA certifiable clean natural gas generators sized 15kW to systems over 250kW. MRC holds the patent for and manufactures the world’s first modular high efficiency electric generators. MRC industrial generators make less heat, more clean power and are field serviceable.

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