Off Grid Solutions

Innovative Energy Solutions for Indian Country

Energy independence is at your fingertips. BNE generator systems are designed to be stand-alone or scaled and clustered into “farms”. These farm configurations are scalable based on your residential, retail, and commercial growth. Whether you need 1MW or 150MW, our systems are well adapted for power configurations that provide cold and hot redundancy and increased power delivery. The Magnetronic™ electric generator allows lower cost parallel configurations due to its primary DC output stage. Such configurations can result in nearly 100% up-time and the confidence that your current and future electricity needs are met.Generator Applications

  • Prime or back-up power for construction support
  • Prime or back-up power for residential and commercial needs
  • Prime power generation to sell onto the grid
  • Crude oil and water pumping applications
  • Replacing expensive diesel generators
  • Remote NG compressor applications
  • Industrial applications where NG is cost effective and plentiful

Superior Limited Warranty

BNE systems carry a superior factory warranties. One call to BNE and our service technicians help manage all warranty related matters and concerns. Of course you never worry if you get the system on the full service plan.

24/7 Services

The BNE factory trained technicians are available 24/7 to meet out of warranty and emergency needs. Standard maintenance rates for labor, travel and parts will be billed at the time service is provided.

Advanced Maintenance Plan

The BNE advanced maintenance plan includes all labor and parts required to complete all schedule routine maintenance service on BNE generators. This includes the cost of lubricants, plugs, belts, hoses, filters, etc. This plan takes the responsibility of routine maintenance and service and puts it in BNE’s service division hands. BNE’s service technicians are manufacturer trained and certified. Having BNE handle routine service guarantees that warranty issues will be honored since all the routine maintenance steps are performed on time with certified mechanics and with recommended parts and procedures.

Magnetronic ™ Generator Serviceability, Reliability & Safety

BNE systems use the Millennial Generator Systems’ Magnetronic™ electric generator. This generator is designed for 100% field serviceability, contains patented sealed coils that increase reliability and safety. Sparks from winding shorts are eliminated since the coils are sealed. The generators is ‘spark-less’ or has no slip-rings. The bearings are completely field replaceable and designed for greater than 10,000 hours of continuous operation before servicing. You can enjoy rapid return to duty in the remote chance a coil or bearing fails. This is because the bearings can be replaced in the field within 30 minutes. All coil modules can be replaced within 2 hours, and one can be replaced in under 5 minutes.

Engine EPA Compliance & Durability

BNE systems use the best available industrial engines designed for continuous duty. They are engineered and fitted for 100% EPA SI NSPS compliance and equipped for reduced routine maintenance demands. Some systems are directly EPA certified, however all systems are guaranteed to meet EPA SI NSPS compliance standards.

Simple & Cost Efficient
All systems are simple to deploy and expand according to your need.


All BNE systems are EPA certifiable to virtually eliminate pollution. We intend to keep our environment clean.


Extended warranties available
24/7 Service

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